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Fran Moore Krebser
Fran Moore Krebser


The Pupil Services Department of Rappahannock County Public Schools is committed to supporting students and families to identify and effectuate suitable educational alternatives necessary to meet the Virginia Code educational requirements for students.



Pupil Services serves the entire student population of our division.  Professional staff members will work with students, parents and other educators to resolve unique attendance, medical and social issues as well as alternative schooling needs to ensure successful student learning.  Areas covered by Pupil Services include Homebound, Homeschooling, Religious Exemption and Pre-K.  Necessary information and forms can be found on this website under the section "Forms."



Deadlines:  End of Year Scores Due - August 1st each year.

                    Va.Code Section 22.1-254-1C

                   Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction Due -

                   August 15 each year -  Va.Code Section 22.1-254.1B


The 2016 General Assembly Session enacted budget amendments to HB30 which ensures that home-school students and high school students pay the same cost for dual enrollment courses held at the community college.  It states:

"The Department of Education, in collaboration with the Virginia Community College System, will ensure that the same policies regarding the cost of dual enrollment courses held at a community college, are consistently applied to public school students and home-schooled students alike.  These policies will clearly address the school division contributions and any student charges for dual enrollment courses, and will ensure that public school students and home school students are treated in the same manner."



In the fall of 2014, Rappahannock County Public Schools, under the Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI), started a Pre-K program for 4-year old county students within our elementary school.  This program is a collaborative effort with Skyline Head Start (3 and 4-year olds) and focuses on addressing cognitive, social-emotional and physical development as mutually supportive areas that require active attention in the pre-school years.  The application form can be found on this site under "Forms."  Applications for the next school year are due in the Office of the School Board by May 1st.  Parents will be notified of acceptance by mail before the end of the school year.



Fran Moore Krebser

Pupil Services
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