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SEAC Meeting Minutes- Sept. 15, 2016

SEAC of RCPS Meeting Minutes from September 15, 2016

Members in Attendance: Nicole Champney, Christina Lolis

Consultants- Kathy Zehr Rhodes, Carol Johnson, Katherine Todd

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM.

1.      Welcome and Introductions: The group was welcomed back with information on successes from the 2015-2016 school year, including:

-approval of 8 formal members for SEAC at the May, 2015 School Board meeting;

-a summary of the Annual Report from 2015-2016, which included the accomplishment of group goals for increased membership, better advertisement of meetings, meeting topics selected by members, and a more structured meeting process; and,

-improvement on the June 1, 2016 Special Education Performance Report in Indicator 8 (Parent Involvement), with an overall rating on the report of “Meets Requirements”.

2.   Old Business: There was no old business.

3.      Presentation: Reading Interventionist Katherine Todd gave a presentation to the group on the Imagine Learning online reading program to assist parents in using this resource with students at home.

4.      New Business: Plans for future meetings and topics of interest were considered with the possibility of a survey for future topics discussed.

5.      Public Comment: None

6.      The meeting concluded at 6:45.


SEAC Minutes from Nov. 3, 2016

In Attendance:

Nicole Champney- Member

Kelly Goff- Parent

Angie Mueller- Parent

Rebecca Rinker- Parent

Robert Glasker- Teacher

Karen Ellis- Principal

Jocelyn Alexander- Teacher Representative

Kathy Rhodes- Consultant

Carol Johnson- Consultant

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM.

1.       Welcome and Introductions: The group welcomed Nancy Anderson, the Region IV representative for the I’m Determined Project, sponsored through the Virginia Department of Education. Ms. Anderson gave an informative, professional, and motivating presentation that encouraged parents and staff to empower students to believe that they can accomplish what is important to them. Highlights of the presentation included:

·         The importance of allowing student’s choice

·         A model for setting personal goals

·         The inclusion of the student in planning for their own IEP meeting

·         Online resources that parents and teachers can use to facilitate self-determination skills

·         Information on how to apply for participation in the annual Youth Summit held at JMU in June.

The presentation was well received and this topic will be supported with a teacher training in Front Royal later this month. The group was also given two new books on this topic for inclusion in our parent library located at RCHS:

2.       The meeting concluded at 7:30 PM.



SEAC Minutes March 30, 2017

Minutes from SEAC Meeting- March 30, 2017

In Attendance: Nicole Champney, Kelly Goff, Jocelyn Alexander, Carol Johnson

Guests: Mandy Grove, Jackie LowBarton

1.       The theme “Fitness Fun” was addressed by Commit to Be Fit Staff with a demonstration on healthy snacks and home fitness tips for students.

2.       Reports of Officers Included:

·         Approval of Membership slate for 2017-2018 school year

·         Election of a Chair for 2017-2018- Nicole Champney

·         Election of Secretary for 2017-2018- Jocelyn Alexander

·         Approval of the Annual Plan for the Federal Flow Through Grant

·         Approval of Meeting Dates for next school year (see below)*

3.       Reports of Special Committees: The Special Games date of May 5th was announced and a request for volunteers was made.

4.       New Business:

·         Increasing the visibility of the group was discussed. SEAC will try to establish a presence at school/community functions, such as the Fall Festival. A monthly special education paper newsletter was also discussed.

·         A request was made by a teacher for computer programs such as IXL science and remediation materials for current textbook series.

·         A parent requested that the group sponsor an Autism Walk during the month of April- we will look at this for April 2018.

5.       Public Comment: None


*Proposed Meeting Dates for 2017-2018

September 21, 2017- Pizza Party at Rec Park (RCES in case of rain)

November 16, 2017

January 25, 2018

March 29, 2018

*Continue 6:00 meeting time, include student presentations, alternate schools

6 Schoolhouse Road | Washington, VA 22747