Above and Beyond Nomination

Recognition Award for RCPS Employees and Volunteers

Above & Beyond Award  for Licensed Employees, Support Staff Employees and Volunteers

The Above and Beyond Award annually recognizes a licensed employee, a support staff employee including custodians, cafeteria staff and bus drivers, and a volunteer who consistently go above and beyond the expected by using initiative and imagination to make the RCPS a better school division for students and/or a better place to work.


The actions cited for this award are not a normal part of the employees’ job duties. Their actions will have gone above and beyond because they demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • Solve a problem or addressed an issue at the RCPS that will provide outstanding service to the RCPS, students and/or parents, or fellow employees.
  • Create or foster a more productive workplace.
  • Promote or improve the image of the RCPS.
  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration within the RCPS.
  • Enhance the appearance of the RCPS.



All RCPS employees, full-time and part-time, including volunteer employees, are eligible for this award regardless of their job classification and regardless of other awards received. An award recipient is eligible for the same award once every five years (beginning 2010).

 Who May Nominate:

Any RCPS employee, student, or parent may make nominations for this award.

 Award Description:

 Individual plaque and listing on a plaque at the SBO and building where service provided.

 Nomination and Selection Procedures:

  • The person making the recommendation must provide a written description of the action or contribution of the employee or volunteer and its benefit to the RCPS. Be specific why the accomplishment is exceptional in relation to normal job duties (if appropriate for award).
  • Confidential nominations may be submitted electronically via email to or by delivery to 6 Schoolhouse Road, Washington, VA 22747.
  • The Employee Recognition Committee may contact the supervisor for verification if necessary.
  • The Employee Recognition Committee will select, by majority, the recipient.
  • In the event a member of the Employee Recognition Committee is nominated for an award, he/she will not participate in the review of nominations and selection of the recipient for that particular year.