Student Support Services

School Social Workers are trained mental health professionals with a degree in social work who provide services related to students’ and/or families’ social and emotional well-being, as well as structured support for adjustment to school and society. School Social Workers are a link between the home, school and community that can provide direct as well as indirect services to students, families, and school personnel to promote and support students’ academic and social success. School social workers are uniquely qualified to work with students with emotional and substance use difficulties.

Services to Students

  • Developing intervention strategies to increase academic success
  • Providing crisis intervention
  • Assisting the student in developing appropriate social interaction skills to include addressing bullying behaviors
  • Counseling (individual and group)
  • Assessment of social/emotional needs
  • Advocating for students in schools & community

Services to Families

  • Conducting home visits and interviewing families to assess problems affecting the child’s educational progress
  • Working with parents to facilitate their support in their child’s educational experience and/or adjustment to school
  • Alleviating family stress (domestic violence, financial strain, homelessness, etc.) to enable the child to function more effectively in school and the community
  • Assisting parents in accessing programs available to students with special needs
  • Assisting parents in accessing and utilizing school and community resources

    Services to Schools
  • Alleviating barriers to academic success, addressing behavioral problems and intervention/prevention strategies, and improving graduation rates related to attendance, homelessness, and mental health/substance abuse concerns, and bullying behaviors
  • Providing staff with essential information to better understand factors affecting a student’s academic performance and behavior (cultural, societal, economic, familial, mental health, substance abuse, and trauma-based issues)
  • Developing and providing staff development programs
  • Assisting teachers with behavior management through behavior plans

    Dr. Carol Johnson
  • Emergency Services Hotline 540-683-0437